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The Bessie Morris Foundation is dedicated to mentoring, educating, and building self-esteem in at risk girls in the inner-city. Our programs identify low-income girls who exhibit academic excellence, community service, and career ambitions.

Prom Night Dreams

The Prom Night Dreams program is open to all high-school senior girls who are in need of financial assistance to attend their senior prom. All applicants are required to submit an essay, a letter of recommendation, high school transcripts, and to participate in an in-person interview. In order to qualify, applicants must have at least a "C" average and an adjustable to low income level.

We are still accepting applications for this year's program. Your Prom Night Dreams 2017 application must be postmarked by March 31, 2017.

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Believing In Your Dreams

The Bessie Morris Foundation Believing in Your Dreams Initiative is designed to empower and motivate young ladies and young men to Dream and set goals to achieve those dreams. Our goal is to cultivate a creative learning environment that promotes education and academic performance for overall success in their future endeavors.

This will consist of workshops, project group exercises, guest speakers, field trips, and more. Our hope is to empower our young people to value themselves and teach them that they are truly destined for greatness.

Join us in our campaign to empower and motivate our young people to dream and dream big.

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Community Outreach Program is designed to share information about our programs. If you would like for us to attend an event, please contact us.
After-School Leadership Academy
The Bessie Morris After-School Leadership Academy will focus on building self-esteem, college preparation, financial planning and wellness. This program will run for eight weeks with one session per week. The program will consist of workshops, guest speakers, field trips and character building exercises. Our hope is to empower the young ladies to value themselves and teach them that they are truly destined for greatness in spite of their circumstances of surroundings. Our foundation wants them to accept responsibility for their lives and understand that they can be whatever they chose to be without any limitation - to dream and dream big and you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to do.

This innovative program will focus on the social and emotional problems of teen girls and how these issues affect their ability to learn and lead productive, fulfilling lives. Our program will foster a creative environment that promotes discipline, structure, accountability, and the four selves, which consist of; self- respect, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and self-sufficiency. The curriculum is formatted to nurture the emotional development of the young girl's problematic circumstances through classes in different subjects. The foundation is dedicated to inspiring teen girls to realize their dreams by emphasizing the importance of academics. Our mission is to mentor, educate and build self-esteem with at risk-girls.

Through the Bessie Morris After-School Leadership Academy or core values will consist of Respect, Honor, Service and Compassion.

Reach for the Stars - Young Ladies Conference Coming in 2009

The Bessie Morris Foundation will present its first Reach for the Stars Young Ladies Conference. Our goal is to focus on building self-esteem, financial planning and healthy living. Each participant will spend the day with a trained professional from the community.

The mission is to empower these young ladies to become whom they chose to be without any limitation; living their lives to the fullest.

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